How to Beat 631B OSM (Counter Tactics)

In OSM (Online Soccer Manager), the 631b formation is a popular defensive setup that prioritizes strong defense and counter-attacking play. Beating this formation requires strategic planning and precise execution.

How to Beat 631B OSM (Counter Tactics)

This guide will provide effective strategies on formations, tactics, player instructions, and in-game adjustments to help you overcome the 631b and secure victory.

Beating 631B Formation (OSM Counter Tactics 2024)

In OSM (Online Soccer Manager), “631b” is a common formation that typically focuses on strong defense and counter-attacking play. Beating this formation can be challenging, but here are some strategies that can help you break it down.


Choose a formation that can effectively exploit the weaknesses of 631b. Consider using formations like 343, 352 or 433 which offer a strong midfield presence and multiple attacking options.

Tactics to Beat 631B (OSM Counter Tactics)

Formation: 343 A

Style of Play: Wing Play

Attackers: Attack only

Midfielders: Stay in position

Defenders: Defend deep

Sliders: 85 / 72 / 72

Offside trap: No

Marking: Zonal marking

Final Thoughts on Tactics Against 631B

In summary, defeating the 631b formation in OSM demands a balanced approach combining the right formation, tactical adjustments, and specific player instructions.

By focusing on exploiting weaknesses, maintaining high team morale, and adapting during the game, you can effectively break down this defensive setup and increase your chances of winning. Stay flexible and proactive to turn the tide in your favor.

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