How to Beat 433A Counter Attack OSM (433A Counter Tactics OSM 2024)

Beating a 4-3-3A counter-attack formation in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) requires strategic planning and an understanding of both teams’ dynamics. The 4-3-3A formation excels in quick transitions and exploiting spaces left by the opponent.

How to Beat 433A Counter Attack OSM (433A Counter Tactics OSM 2024)

To counter this effectively, you need a solid defensive setup, thoughtful tactical choices, and precise player instructions. This guide provides essential tips and tactics to help you neutralize the 4-3-3A formation and increase your chances of victory.

Counter Tactics against 433A Counter Attack OSM

Beating a 4-3-3A counter attack formation in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) requires strategic planning and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both formations. Here are some tips and tactics to help you succeed:


4-2-3-1: This formation provides a strong defensive line and midfield presence to counter the attacking threat of the 4-3-3A.
4-4-2: Balanced formation with good defensive coverage and the ability to exploit spaces left by the attacking wingers.
5-3-2: Focuses on solid defense with wing-backs to provide width in both defense and attack.



Low to Medium: High pressing can leave gaps for counter-attacks, so keep pressing low to medium to stay compact defensively.

Style of Play

Defensive/Counter Attack: Match their counter-attacking style by playing defensively and hitting them on the break.


Control the game by keeping the ball, frustrating the opponent, and limiting their chances to counter.


Man to Man: Tight marking can disrupt their attacking flow, especially targeting their key players.


If you prefer a more structured defensive approach, zonal marking can also be effective.

Offside Trap

No: Avoid using the offside trap as it can be risky against a counter-attacking team.

Players Instructions


Stay Back: Defend Deep – Ensure your defenders stay back to maintain a solid line and prevent counter-attacks.


Balance: Stay in Position – Use balanced instructions for midfielders to help both in defense and attack.


Target Man: Attack Only – Use a forward who can hold up the ball or drop deep to create space and opportunities.

Sample Tactic Setup

Formation: 4-2-3-1


  • Style of Play: Defensive/Counter Attack
  • Passing Style: Mixed or Long
  • Tempo: Normal or Slow
  • Pressing: Low to Medium
  • Tackling: Normal
  • Marking: Man to Man

Player Instructions

Defenders: Defend Deep – Stay Back
Midfielders: Protect the Defense – Stay Back and Cover Center
Forward: Support Midfield – Hold Up Play or False 9

Final Thoughts on How to Beat 433A (Counter Attack) OSM

To successfully counter the 4-3-3A formation in OSM, implement a strong defensive formation, adopt balanced tactics, and provide clear player instructions.

By understanding the strengths of your team and making in-game adjustments, you can effectively neutralize the opponent’s counter-attacks and increase your chances of securing a win.

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