Best Tactics for 4-3-3A OSM (Online Soccer Manager)


In the world of football management simulations, Online Soccer Manager (OSM) stands out as one of the most popular choices for fans to test their managerial prowess. Among the various formations available, the 4-3-3A is a widely favored choice due to its balance and flexibility.

However, success in OSM isn’t solely dependent on formation; it’s about tactics, adaptability, and strategic thinking. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the 4-3-3A formation, exploring the best tactics to dominate the virtual pitch.

Best Tactics for 4-3-3A OSM (Online Soccer Manager)

Understanding the 4-3-3A Formation:

The 4-3-3A formation is characterized by a solid defensive setup, midfield control, and potent attacking options. It consists of four defenders, three central midfielders, three forwards, and a goalkeeper.

Each player’s role and positioning are crucial in executing tactical maneuvers effectively.

Key Players and Positions:

  • Goalkeeper (GK): The guardian of the net, responsible for organizing the defense, making crucial saves, and initiating attacks with accurate distribution.
  • Defenders (RB, CB, CB, LB): The defensive line provides stability and protection against opposition attacks. Each defender must excel in marking, tackling, and positional awareness.
  • Central Midfielders (CM, CM, CM): The engine room of the team, central midfielders control the tempo, dictate play, and provide defensive cover when needed. They should possess a balance of defensive solidity and creativity.
  • Forwards (LW, CF, RW): The attacking trio aims to penetrate the opposition defense, create scoring opportunities, and convert chances into goals. Versatility, pace, and finishing ability are essential attributes.

Best Tactics for Success in 4-3-3A:

  • Possession-Based Football: Emphasize ball retention and controlled build-up play from the back. Use short passes to maintain possession, patiently probing the opposition’s defense for openings.
  • High Pressing and Intensity: Apply pressure on the opposition when out of possession. Use a high defensive line coupled with aggressive pressing to force turnovers and disrupt the opponent’s rhythm.
  • Fluid Movement and Interchanges: Encourage fluid movement and positional interchanges among players to confuse the opposition defense. Players should be adaptable and capable of fulfilling multiple roles during attacks.
  • Wide Attacks and Overlaps: Exploit the width of the pitch by utilizing the wingers (LW, RW) and full-backs (RB, LB) to stretch the opposition defense. Encourage overlapping runs from full-backs to create numerical advantages in wide areas.
  • Counter-Attacking Threat: Capitalize on quick transitions from defense to attack to catch the opposition off guard. Utilize the pace of forward players to launch swift counter-attacks, exploiting spaces behind the opponent’s defensive line.
  • Set-Piece Mastery: Invest time in training set-piece routines, including corner kicks, free-kicks, and penalty situations. Set-piece opportunities can often be decisive in tight matches and provide an additional avenue for scoring goals.
  • Tactical Adaptability: Remain flexible and adaptable to changing game situations. Adjust tactics based on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition, as well as in response to in-game developments such as injuries or substitutions.

Setting up 4-3-3A Tactics in OSM

Formation: 451:

Style of play: Shoot on sight

Forwards: Attack only
Midfielders: Protect the defence
Defenders: Defend deep

Offside trap: Yes
Marking: Zonal marking

Tackling: Normal

Pressing: 60%
Style: 80%
Tempo: 85%


Mastering the 4-3-3A formation in Online Soccer Manager requires a blend of tactical acumen, strategic planning, and in-game management skills.

By implementing the best tactics outlined in this guide, managers can enhance their team’s performance, compete at the highest level, and strive for virtual glory. Remember, success in OSM isn’t just about winning matches; it’s about crafting a cohesive team capable of achieving sustained success over the long term.

So, assemble your squad, fine-tune your tactics, and lead your team to victory on the virtual pitch!

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