How to Beat 433A Passing Game (OSM 2024 Counter Tactics)

Beating a 4-3-3(A) formation with a passing game in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) requires strategic counter-tactics.

This guide provides effective strategies to counter the 4-3-3(A), focusing on choosing the right formation, implementing defensive and midfield control, exploiting opponent weaknesses, and making in-game adjustments.

How to Beat 433A Passing Game (OSM 2024 Counter Tactics)

By carefully planning your approach and maintaining player morale and fitness, you can increase your chances of overcoming this challenging formation.

Beating 433A Passing Game (OSM Counter Tactics 2024)

Beating a 4-3-3(A) formation with a passing game in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) requires strategic planning and precise counter-tactics. Here are some steps and tips to effectively counter this formation.

Formation and Tactics

Formation: Choose a defensively solid formation that can exploit the weaknesses of the 4-3-3(A). Consider using a 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, or 4-5-1 formation.

  • 4-4-2: Provides defensive stability and width to counter the wide attackers.
  • 4-2-3-1: Adds extra midfield support to break up passing plays.
  • 4-5-1: Ensures a solid defense and can control the midfield.

Defensive Strategy

Focus on Defense: Set your team to focus on defense to limit the space for the opponent’s attackers.

  • Defensive Style: Use a “counter-attack” or “defensive” style.
  • Pressing: Medium or low pressing to avoid tiring your players.
  • Tackling: Use “normal” or “aggressive” tackling depending on the referee’s strictness.

Midfield Control

  • Dominating Midfield: Utilize formations that strengthen your midfield to disrupt the passing game.
  • Central Midfielders: Deploy central midfielders with high defensive stats to intercept passes.
  • Wingers: Have your wingers track back to help defend and cover the opponent’s wide attackers.

Exploit Weaknesses

  • Counter Attacks: Use quick counter-attacks to exploit the space left behind by their attacking fullbacks.
  • Through Balls: Utilize through balls to exploit gaps in their defense.
  • Set Pieces: Focus on set pieces (corners, free-kicks) to capitalize on defensive weaknesses.

Player Instructions

  • Marking: Use man-marking on their key playmakers and wingers.
  • Fullbacks: Set your fullbacks to stay back while attacking to prevent exposure on the wings.
  • Wingers: If using wingers, instruct them to cut inside and overload the central areas.

Example Tactic

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Defense Style: Counter-Attack
Marking: Man-marking
Pressing: Low
Tackling: Normal
Attacking Style: Passing Game/Shoot on Target

Final Thoughts on Beating 433A Passing Game

In summary, defeating a 4-3-3(A) passing game in OSM involves selecting a suitable formation, reinforcing your defense and midfield, exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses, and adapting tactics during the match.

By implementing these strategies and maintaining high player morale and fitness, you can effectively counter the 4-3-3(A) formation and enhance your chances of victory.

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