Wife of Cousins Expresses Anticipation Ahead of Official Falcons Signing

Amid the buzz surrounding the Atlanta Falcons’ reported agreement with former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins during the NFL’s legal tampering period, it appears that excitement has also taken hold within the Cousins household, notably with his wife, Julie.

Julie, sharing her enthusiasm on her Instagram story, expressed her anticipation for the move to Atlanta, a city she knows well as her hometown, originally hailing from Alpharetta, Georgia. Documenting the packing process with a glimpse into family life, Julie captured her two sons playing toy instruments with the caption “Packing up to head south… great time to play some instruments. Atlanta here we come!”

Wife of Cousins Expresses Anticipation Ahead of Official Falcons Signing

Yet, amidst the family’s anticipation, there seems to be one reluctant member – their dog, Abe, featured in a subsequent post. “This guy is the only one not excited about moving down south,” Julie remarked alongside the image of Abe.

While reports indicate Cousins’ agreement to a lucrative four-year, $180 million deal with the Falcons on Monday, formalization of the contract is pending. The official announcement is expected following the conclusion of the league’s tampering period at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, allowing the signing to be finalized. The Falcons’ social media team, acknowledging the anticipation from fans, shared a meme on Tuesday, humorously addressing the delay in announcements.

Despite the inability to make official announcements during this period, the Falcons’ Twitter account engaged fans with a playful gesture, posting a Zillow map depicting available houses for sale in the Atlanta vicinity on Monday.

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